Hlava Sequential-Turbo Manifold

Hlava Sequential-Turbo Manifold


The patented, one and only TRULY functional, UNIVERSAL Hlava Sequential Turbocharging Manifold. Take part in this incredibly revolutionary movement in the turbocharging industry when you acquire this manifold. With the correct turbo pairing, this manifold allows you to have a near instant turbo response while carrying boost throughout the entirety of your rpm band using every bit of exhaust from your engine unlike any other manifold ever has been able to do. Meaning, there is no need for the use of a wastegate, instead 2 bypass valves incorporated in this manifold, allowing excess exhaust gas to bypass the first smaller turbo once it has reached the peak efficiency point in its designated map and continuing to the larger 2nd turbo and pushing it towards its peak efficiency. This maintains lower exhaust manifold pressure keeping both your engine and turbos happy! Designed very compact and as universal as possible, this manifold can be utilized with any forced induction, internal combustion engine (ICE)! Be sure to determine the orientation necessary for the vehicle of your choosing before ordering, as this manifold can be purchased in either left or right-side exhaust. non-CAD images are of the active prototype.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Approximate Dimensions: Height~ 8.375”, Width(Front of Manifold Body to Back of Bridgepipe)~ 5”, Length(Inlet V-band 1 to Inlet V-band 2)~ 12.125”
The arms, bushings, bushing liners, actuators and valves are ALL SERVICEABLE

Can I get results that don’t meet expectations?

Of course! The result is based on the applied turbochargers capabilities relative to your engines.  If you do not utilize the apparatus in the appropriate way, then the turbochargers will not provide performance results relative to expectations just as you see in other application today.  That’s why dyno results vary even when the same turbocharger is applied to engines of similar design but utilize different turbine housing variations or engine modifications.


–        Know for certain that your engine is built to sustain the Horsepower level and boost levels you want, and you have the fuel system to provide the necessary fuel requirements.
–        Use of a secondary turbocharger that efficiently, per its compressor MAP, can flow enough air to attain the top end power you seek.
–       Use of a secondary turbocharger that efficiently operates at the horsepower level you want AND in the range of boost you desire to have at that power level per its compressor MAP (pressure ratio to corrective air flow).
–        Use the appropriately sized secondary turbocharger turbine housing that allows for a corrected flow rate that will not restrict your primary turbine from reaching an effective area in its turbine MAP; this should be at least 5 lbs. (may be even higher per application) of corrective flow higher then the peak corrective flow capability of your primary.
–        Use a primary turbocharger that efficiently, per its compressor MAP, can flow enough air efficiently to attain the low-end power you seek.  This is given by the compressors corrective air flow potential relative to its pressure ratio.
–        Use a spring rating in your actuator(s) that allows your primary turbocharger to be placed in an area where it is beginning to become effective per its turbine MAP (adjustable to satisfactory results). 

–        Use a high/full-flow check valve in the charge side that prevents backflow through your compressor housing(s).

If within 90 days of receiving the Hlava Sequential-Turbo Manifold, you’ve followed these guidelines and you’re unsatisfied, you can receive your money back. The end-users expectations must be stated along with evidence provided that the before listed guidelines were followed to confirm satisfactory expectations were not met.  Once the guidelines have been proven to have been followed per realistic expectations, and the apparatus is returned without vandalization a full refund will be provided. We are providing this guarantee because we are 100% certain that by following these guidelines, you’ll immediately enjoy the results it allows you to achieve.  We know just how revolutionizing this apparatus is, and we want you to have a satisfaction guaranteed purchase of it to remove any satisfactory concerns you may have in it.